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My roommate is way into social justice, which is completely amazing to me. Living with her has taught me about numerous topics that I had never really thought about before. So today I decided to research more about one of these issues…

Most of us learned about slavery when we were in elementary school. Undoubtedly, most of us believed that it was a thing of the past. Hopefully by now most people realize that that idea is sadly not reality at all. Instead of going too much into human trafficking, I’ve decided to link some websites that explain this complex subject way better than I possibly could…

~Some basic information about human trafficking can be found here

~This is an excellent visual way of learning stories about “modern-day slaves”

~Human trafficking encompasses a lot more than people sometimes realize; there are several issues that are all entangled

After reading such startling stories and statistics, it could be easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. It’s such a big problem. However, please realize that every one of us can help out in some way.

If you have money…

~You can donate through the Not For Sale campaign, which gives you options of where in particular to send your money, gives you the opportunity to donate for a family member or friend

If you have time…

~There are several ways of using your talents to help with human trafficking, whether you are a person of faith, a student, into sports, any type of artist, a businessperson, or a teacher

~All of us are consumers, so that means we can directly help this issue just by using this guide to make better decisions in our shopping

~Become a “Modern-Day Abolitionist”

~Here’s some information to consider if you think you might be aware of some human trafficking happening around you

I know this is not an easy issue to think about, so thank you for taking time to learn more.

*The information found in this article was found through the Not For Sale campaign and the web resource


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