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Top 10 Best Parts of My Week   Leave a comment

1.) Seeing kids dress up for Halloween. (My favorite costume was a lightbulb. Seriously–too cool.)

2.) Hot chocolate.

3.) Friends who are perpetually positive–what an amazing influence to have around.

4.) Getting a new job.

5.) Hummus ravioli (a recipe my roommate found–absolutely delicious).

6.) Hilarious TV shows.

7.) Discovering hard work finally paying off.

8.) Looking forward to many fun events over the next few weeks.

9.) Having my weekends back.

10.) My sickness is finally going away.


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Top 10 Best Parts of the Week   Leave a comment

So I’m going to jump on the Internet bandwagon, so to speak, and am doing the “Things I Love Thursday”. I’ll be highlighting things I love about the past week…

1.) Talking to a friend who I haven’t seen in a very long time

2.) Getting visitors while being sick

3.) Dollar movies

4.) People who make me laugh so hard I cry

5.) Getting appreciated by a boss

6.) Receiving crafts made for me by the kids I work with

7.) My roommate’s cooking

8.) Bonding with a high school friend who recently moved nearby

9.) A good friend whose positivity is absolutely contagious

10.) Finally, after five years, being able to call a place home

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