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“To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

–Mission Statement of the Boys & Girls Club of America

Boys & Girls Club Facts:

~B&G Club was originally called Boys Club and was formed in 1860 in order to keep boys off the street

~There are over 4,000 B&G Clubs in the United States and on military establishments throughout the world

~Each B&G Club is unique in terms of layout, programs, and activities

~March 20-26 is National Boys & Girls Club Week

~Such celebrities as Denzel Washington, Martin Sheen, and Usher belonged to a B&G Club

How Can I Help?

If you have money…

There are ways to donate to the B&G Clubs by going here.

You can even donate to a specific Club using the form.

If you have time…

This is definitely a super fun volunteering opportunity.. The really great part is how many different types of programs and activities they have, so no matter where your interests lie, it’s a safe bet to say you could find somewhere to help with there.

Another nice aspect is that it’s really easy to become a volunteer there—you just have to fill out a short paper and then have them run a background check on you. If this sounds interesting to you, click here to find out more information about a club near you.

To learn more…

Check out the website listed above, find the Boys & Girls Club of America on facebook to become a fan, or subscribe to their online newsletter.

*All the information found in this article (as well as any additional knowledge you may wish to seek) is found at


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